Instructor Profiles

Sifu Tom Rogers

“After studying Qigong for about 5 years while in Brisbane I was invited to move to the UK and learn from Master Tse – my Sigong or Grand teacher. Sigong has dedicated his life (full time) to mastering five styles of martial arts to a very high standard. Wing Chun was one of these and having found a Master who was one of Grandmaster Ip Chun’s closest students teaching in the West, I set my sights on moving to the UK so I could learn Wing Chun directly from Sigong”.

Tom Rogers has been studying Chinese Martial Arts since 1998 from the age of 16.
“After trying out a few different styles for a number of years, I was lucky enough to find my way to the Tse Qigong Centre (Australia) in 2004. I attended a weekend seminar while Master Tse was visiting from London and was amazed by the beautiful forms and mastery of the skill. The following week I began studying Dayan Qigong with Master Tse’s students (here is Brisbane) who became my Sifu’s or teachers”.
Sifu Jane Pollard & Sifu Vera Externest ran Qigong & Chun Yuen Quan classes in Brisbane and Toowoomba from 2002 until moving to Hobart in 2018.

Tom spent a few years attending a number of classes each week to deepen his knowledge of Wing Chun and Qigong.
Often attending weekend seminars as well as residential and instructors courses that were held and even some private lessons with Master Tse.

In 2012 Tom Rogers returned home to Brisbane and started teaching Wing Chun and Qigong in Graceville. He is now the Brisbane representative for the Tse Qigong Centre and Tse Wing Chun Association.
There are various trips each year interstate, and overseas to the UK and Hong Kong to make sure the skill is kept alive.
Each year Sigong visits and runs seminars and private lessons in order to polish and improve the Wing Chun here in Brisbane.

Sifu Costa Stratikopoulos

Costa Stratikopoulos is the most senior Wing Chun student of Sifu Tom Rogers. Costa has dedicated a lot of time inside and outside of class to train his Wing Chun skills. After 3 years of dedication he was invited to his first instructors course, there his Tai Sigong (Master Tse) tested his forms, application of techniques and knowledge of Wing Chun.
Costa has since been asked to assist in his Sifu’s classes as well as start his own class in order to pass on his Wing Chun knowledge.

Costa is passionate about retaining the traditional teachings of Wing Chun, passed down from his Sijo, Ip Chun, the eldest son of Ip Man.