Wing Chun Articles from Qi Magazine

Over the coming months I will be dedicating some time to posting various articles on Wing Chun that have been extracted from Qi Magazine.

Qi Magazine was founded in 1990 by Michael Tse as a means of helping his students learn more about Chinese culture. Often his students would ask the same or similar questions in class and so he felt he could benefit more people with his knowledge by offering Qi Magazine to them and also a wider audience. The magazine grew from a small black and white booklet to a proper magazine that was distributed all over the world.

Sadly Qi Magazine has now ceased production, but not after 18 years and 90 issues all packed with rare and unique articles covering all aspects of Chinese Qigong, martial arts, culture and philosophy.

I will be posting various articles on Wing Chun that have appeared in Qi Magazine. Articles will cover the history, hand positions, applications, extracts of seminars by Grandmaster Ip Chun and much much more!

For more information on Qi Magazine please visit – Tse Qigong Centre – Qi Magazine.