Wing Chun Self Defence – Part 3

Wing Chun Kung Fu is famous for its practical self defence applications. Here are some more classic techniques which every Wing Chun student should know.

4. Bong Sau, Lap Sau


a. A and B face each other.
b. B throws a punch with his right hand. A turns his waist 45 degrees and uses Bong Sau to deflect B’s punch.
c. A steps forwards with his right foot and changes his Bong Sau to a Lap Sau, pulling B’s right hand out to the side. At the same time A strikes B’s chin with Waahng Jeung (side palm).

In this technique we change our Bong Sau to a Lap Sau. We can do this if the opponent’s fist is pushing back towards us rather than continuing forwards, or even if the opponent stops and is about to withdraw his fist. It is important to step forwards and strike at the same time otherwise you will not be able to reach your opponent.

5. Bong Sau, Dai Kuen (Low punch)

Bong Sau Dai Kuen Technique

a. A and B face each other. B throws a punch with his right hand. A turns his waist 45 degrees and uses Bong Sau to deflect B’s punch.
b. B realises his punch has been blocked and tries to Lap Sau A’s Bong Sau. A
feels B change to Lap Sau and lifts his Bong Sau higher, whilst at the same time moving forwards a little. This makes B’s energy wrong and so his Lap Sau does not work.
c. Holding B’s arms up slightly, A steps in and strikes B in the stomach with a Dai Kuen (low punch).

When you have trained a lot of Chi Sau (Sticking Hands) you should be able to read your opponent’s movements, energy and intent. In this technique we must be able to feel our opponent change and adapt to disrupt his new attack. Lifting the Bong Sau a little means the opponent’s Lap Sau does not work and also traps both his hands against one of ours. As we have a free hand we are able to attack. We must be careful when striking low and should only do so when there is no danger that our opponent can hit us in the face at the same time.

Re-posted from Qi Magazine (with permission) issue 91, 2010, page 22.
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